Production on the 35mm narrative short “A Display of Emotion” wrapped back in June 2009, and now post-production is also complete. Writer/Director Stéphane Dirschauer wrote a charming situational piece about a man who unwillingly finds himself trapped in a slew of emotions ranging from anxiety to anger to contentment, all within the real-time story of six minutes. Coming from a devotion to French New Wave cinema, Stéphane was eager to involve lush close ups using the shallow depth of field specific to 35mm film, an earthy colour palette in the production design, and the immediacy of handheld camerawork in some of the more spontaneous and suspenseful scenes in the film. Camera operating on this project was my good friend and collaborator Mike Dawson. Gaffer Michael Armstong achieved our cool, soft window lighting look and helped me subtly supplement the available fluorescent lighting in an underground parking garage. Knowing we would have to rely heavily on the practical lighting in this location I opted for the Vision3 5219 stock, which worked wonders with the shadow detail and allowed us the flexibility to follow the action spontaneously.

All camera, lighting and grip gear was supplied by Curtis Petersen at PPI Camera here in Toronto. Stéphane and I completed timing of the film to HDCAM with colourist Brett Trider at Technicolor.