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Stereogum launched my new video for The Weather Station yesterday – it’s made up up of Tamara Lindeman’s own footage from her travels intercut with a portrait video I shot of her against winter in Canada. Nadia Tan edited the video, interspersing Tamara’s footage into nostalgic fragments that flash across the screen like random access memory moments. The track, FLOODPLAIN, is off of The Weather Station‘s latest album Loyalty.


From Stereogum:  The accompanying video is a tribute to remembrance and the changing seasons. Lindeman stands in a wintery light as her memory flashes back to a companion, maybe a lover, swimming in the summertime. It’s an eerie, nostalgic piece. 

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SILENT SHOUT premiered the new Rae Spoon video this week – check it out! Rae and I co-directed the video and shot it in their 1907 home in Victoria, BC, lighting it as a 1970’s horror scene. Why? The song and video are about haunting.

In Rae’s words:

“Written Across The Sky” is about my own desire for legal recognition of my agender identity––right now, for example, I am still required to have my assigned sex on my identification. It is about my hunger for rights for trans people, especially those most vulnerable to systemic oppression, including sex workers, indigenous peoples and undocumented folks.”

The music video for Rae Spoon’s song “Written Across The Sky” from their new album Armour is an ode to 1970s’ horror film lighting and all things haunted. Spoon co-directed the video with Maya Bankovic, an award winning cinematographer whose work has screened at TIFF, Sundance, VIFF and many other festivals. The two previously worked together on the NFB documentary-musical My Prairie Home, a five-year project. Shot in Spoon’s 1907 Victoria home, the new video shows the ease of their working relationship through the intimacy of the close-up shots and moving portraits.


SPECIAL THANKS to Nadia Tan for those lightning fingers, and to Kendra Marks for helping us make the video happen.

This week Nadia Tan and I unveiled our new music video creation for artist Dan Griffin via Exclaim. The themes in both the song BORDERTOWN and the eponymous EP are inspired by Dan’s recent move to Windsor, Ontario, and they prompted us to shoot the state of flux of the Windsor-Detroit area.

As said by Dan himself in the write-up in Exclaim:

“We wanted to capture real moments of young people living in these cities and finding meaning in their surroundings and in each other. ‘Bordertown’ is about the relationship between a state of mind and where we live. It’s about the way borders and cities help shape the way we identify ourselves… ultimately it’s about redefining yourself on your own terms and finding meaningful connections in the people and places around you.”

Extra special thanks to Robin, Lucas, Joel, Nick, Hill and Dinger for featuring their talents in the video, and especially to our friend Dave Todon for showing us around all the best spots in Windsor and Detroit and whose ongoing photography series of the area has been a longstanding source of inspiration.


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